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Nikon Service Advisory

Technical Service Advisory for users of Nikon Sport & Recreational Optics products

Thank you for choosing Nikon Sport & Recreational Optics.

It has come to our attention that some of our Binocular and Fieldscope straps may have exceeded the standard PAHs1 values stipulated in the REACH regulation2 for selected products.

1 The strict standard values have been set for the use of PAHs Since December 27, 2015. (Annex 17 Entry 50 of REACH Regulation (EC) No1907 / 2006)
2 The REACH regulation is a legal regulation for chemical substance management in Europe that started on June 1, 2007. Chemical substances manufactured and used in the EU are imposed duties of Registration, Assessment, Authorization, and Restriction obligations.

Nikon has assessed the situation and can confirm that the potential non-conformity with REACH regulation does not give rise to any concern for health risk to users under normal usage.

Nonetheless, Nikon will replace the affected straps free of charge regardless of the warranty period.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this will cause. We will do our best to further improve the quality, and we ask for your continued support to our products.

Applicable products and how to replace

Regardless of the warranty period, we will replace any potentially affected straps that were included with products purchased on or after December 27, 2015, free of charge3 upon request with a new, improved strap that is compliant with the REACH Regulation.

Upon discovery of the potential issue, Nikon has immediately suspended any shipments and sales of all potentially affected straps in distribution channels controlled by Nikon in the EU and EEA.

If you have an affected strap, please contact Nikon Support here: Nikon Service Center

Please have your product model and serial number at hand.

3 Only the strap will be replaced. The main body of your optics product is not affected and therefore not eligible for free of charge replacement.

Strap identification No.

Location of identification No. (reference to MONARCH 5)

Old strap

Improved strap

Applicable product and serial No.

Location of serial No. (reference to MONARCH 5)

Strap identification No. Product name Serial No. Scheduled exchange start date Improved Strap identification No.
SAY EDG 7x42 DCF №000561~ 1 Sep. 2022 SAY-1
EDG 8x42 DCF №301175~
EDG 10x42 DCF №501236~
EDG 8x32 DCF №700656~
SBY MONARCH HG 8X30 №2000146~ 1 Aug. 2022 SBY-1
MONARCH HG 10X30 №3000145~
MONARCH HG 8x42 №000037~
MONARCH HG 10x42 №100037~
MONARCH M7 8x30 №1000181~
MONARCH M7 10x30 №2000431~
MONARCH M7 8x42 №3000921~
MONARCH M7 10x42 №4000861~
MONARCH M5 8x42 №1001041~
MONARCH M5 10x42 №2000991~
MONARCH M5 12x42 №3000461~
MONARCH M7+ 8x30 №5000061~
SBV MONARCH HG 10x42 №100037~ 1 Aug. 2022 SBV-1
MONARCH HG 8x42 №000037~
SBW MONARCH HG 8X30 №2000146~ 1 Aug. 2022 SBW-1
MONARCH HG 10X30 №3000145~
SBG MONARCH HG 10x42 №100037~ 1 Aug. 2022 SBG-1
MONARCH HG 8x42 №000037~
MONARCH 7 8x30 №0011603~
MONARCH 7 10x30 №3008293~
MONARCH 5 8X42 №0054011~
MONARCH 5 10X42 №3066804~
MONARCH 5 12X42 №5018326~
MONARCH 5 8X56 №0002193~
MONARCH 5 16X56 №3002682~
MONARCH 5 20X56 №5002766~
SBP FIELDSCOPE MONARCH 82ED-S №210069~ 1 Sep. 2022 SBQ-1
SBQ FIELDSCOPE MONARCH 82ED-S №210069~ 1 Sep. 2022 SBQ-1
Laser Force 10x42
№0003010~ 1 Aug. 2022 SBV-1

Preventative actions

In response to this finding, all relevant employees of Nikon Group will be re-trained to ensure compliance with the REACH regulations. We will also strengthen our inspection process, and instruct and better manage suppliers with regard to the REACH regulations in an effort to prevent issues like this from occurring again in the future.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this matter may cause you.

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